Sunday, May 8, 2016

Current fares of international long-distance phone calls - the epitome of telecom carrier greed and bureaucracy, as we know these today - will be completely undone due to both Internet-based "free" calling services in Skype, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, KakaoTalk, etc., and also due to the avaricious pricing of IDD/ISD calls that prevails today.

Outrageous and frankly unbelievable pricing of ISD calls and data as shown in the webpages below - and this is happening in 2016 - will come back to haunt and bite mobile companies.

Update [20-May-16]: On the other hand, I sometimes feel that a guy who spends anywhere from INR 1-2 lacs on a family trip/vacation to Singapore or Thailand will probably be comfortable and maybe happy to pay a [relatively] small amount of INR ~2,500 to get free incoming calls as well as a few GBs of data and a few hundred minutes of outgoing calls to India. Compared to the thousands of rupees that are charged for even little things on a foreign vacation, this seems like a paltry amount.