Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout will rapidly fail, unless it's modified to address its several weaknesses - non-serious presentation, overuse of special effects and music/sounds, excessive commentary (that's also lousy, sexist and vulgar), repetitive obstacle sets, down-market dialogs, etc.

Physical keys for vehicles, like metal keys, will disappear. These will be replaced by biometric keys and electronic keys (authentication using a smartphone, for example).

We will transition from human-driven, unstructured driving of vehicles to machine-driven, structured driving.

The ability to program human brain will allow children to be instantly converted into "experienced" and "knowledgeable" professionals, reducing the chronological age of adulthood.

Dedicated cable service to deliver TV programming will be replaced by Internet-only delivery of multimedia content.

A new generation of commercial aircraft from Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, and Russian companies will successfully break the duopoly of America's Boeing and Europe's Airbus.

Earth will be inhabited by animal and plant species designed 100% by humans (or derivatives of natural species). Of course, naturally-designed species will exist as well.

Genetically designed, sentience-lacking "humans" will be used by pharmaceutical companies for faster and more reliable drug testing. Initial ethical resistance will melt away.

Genetic engineering will lead to mass production of disease-resistant, fast-growing and sentience-lacking animals (for experimentation, food, medicines, organs, etc.), and will usher an "animal farms" industry (like agriculture today).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mechanical robots will get severe competition from genetically-modified, custom-programmed and sentience-lacking "humans", which will be used for labor jobs, etc.

Genetic modification and more will make travel to and life on extraterrestrial objects significantly easier for "humans". Of course, the "humans" won't be like us regular humans.

Silicon-based microprocessors will get severe competition from biological microprocessors, built through modification and reprogramming of animal and human brains.

Watson will beat humans in the upcoming Jeopardy match.

It'll be possible to transfer your brain's contents, including your consciousness and identity, to a computer, so you'll be able to live your life from within a machine.

Paper currency will be replaced by all-electronic currency.