Sunday, February 13, 2011

Genetic engineering will lead to mass production of disease-resistant, fast-growing and sentience-lacking animals (for experimentation, food, medicines, organs, etc.), and will usher an "animal farms" industry (like agriculture today).


  1. In fact, using genetic engineering, humans will probably also produce "application-specific animals", similar to how we have application-specific integrated circuits [ASICs] today. For example, cows that go out into the field, eat grass and automatically come back, or "smart monkeys" that lift heavy objects from one position and put them on another position, like machines.

  2. Google’s Brin bankrolls lab-grown burger, FT, 5-Aug-13

    This development looks very similar to my prediction. I'm confidant that "artificial meat" will be a reality soon. I myself might start eating it if it doesn't involve any animal cruelty/murder.